Thursday, August 23, 2007

So I turned 27 today. A whole 27 years of being a single straight shooting son of a gun. Sigh, maybe someday someone special will meet me and sweep me off my feet. I suppose I should start getting a little more proactive. It's not that I haven't tried, it's just that I don't want to force myself on anyone. I mean I'm great at building friendships, but in the realm of romantic relationships I just have theorems and postulates. I've been trying to get into this whole internet dating thing, but honestly I don't have a clue. I have no experience interacting with women romantically. I heard that you can take practice dating classes, which I thought was hilarious, but maybe they're onto something. It's probably a little bit less embarrassing than I don't want to stigmatize it as embarrassing, but it's definitely different. Different can be good. Different can make you look at things from another perspective, and to critically inquire as to what is going on. In an age where we are more connected than ever why is there such a disconnect. What isn't technology providing. Hugs, apparently.

On a brighter note I'm up to 70 sit-ups a night. In three weeks I will have reached my goal of 100 sit-ups a night. Reconstructing the body is only part of the equation . The next part is to start down a different career path. Currently, I'm part owner of a LAN gaming center. Due to various reasons my partners and I are seeking different options. I always wanted to goto grad school, but didn't want to repeat the fiasco of my undergraduate years. I realize now that I'm an academic at heart. I was never made to make widgets, but to ask questions and find answers. To move forward on this front I've started to buckle down for the GRE. I don't think that my undergraduate transcript is a good representation of who I actually am. Therefore, I have to rely heavily on a standardized test score. Which I'm not so thrilled about. But, before I can change the system I have to get into the system. So I'm going to blast this test out of the water. I will give the audience what they seek.

Peace out,

Shane Empie

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