Sunday, January 06, 2008

I love my car, but I wish I wasn't so dependent on it. A few days ago, my low coolant light came on. This is because there is either a faulty hose, or hole in the radiator. Hopefully it will be just a hose and I can get my car back in relatively short order. Thankfuly my family was nearby to give me a ride when I discovered the problem.

I like the idea of having a car. I like driving. However, it seems to be an increasingly extravagent luxury. Gas is continuing it's meteoric climb. My car insurance is higher than it's ever been, even though I've gotten older, never used it, never been in an accident, my cars value has decreased, and no new services were added. I also have to pay to fix my current car, which I will have to altogether replace soon. I mean everyone has this problem, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

When I don't have transportation I start to feel trapped. I like the freedom it brings, being able to control where you go and when. I just wish there was a solution that could net me most of the freedom without being such a pain.

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