Friday, January 11, 2008

I don't want to let my friendships languish. I want to have healthy, vibrant, and dynamic relationships with my friends. However, it would be nice on occasion to feel wanted/needed instead of feeling like I'm imposing myself on people. I'm not sure if it's known, but I generally go way out of my way to maintain relationships with my friends. I'm fine with that, because I desire the previously stated things. It's just that sometimes I feel like the desire is mostly one sided.

What I mean by this is I desire to hang out with my friends, I desire to be there for them if they need me, I desire to enjoy there unique company. It just seems like the reverse isn't true nearly as much as I'd like it to be. I believe that all relationships like the ones I want take time and effort. I understand people are busy and have their own lives, but I just wish I could find some more like minded people who desire deep, thriving friendships.

I just want to let it be known this is a rant. I'm sure I'm just writing this because I'm lonely, tired, frustrated, and whatever. The statements above are not actually concrete, but just how I feel at the moment. I'm sure the feeling will pass.

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